Top Skin Care Trend For 2018

There are fads and there are trends.  Fads reflect the latest product or service on everyones radar, and generally fade into the background once the hype has calmed down and the need to belong has receded. Trends on the other hand can be an evolution in the way something is done, leading to a bigger and better outcome in the end.

For 2018 It's all about multitasking.

skin care trends for 2018

It seems like time is in short supply. Who really wants to spend those valuable minutes on endless applications of beauty products. If you're like most people, you probably have a cabinet filled to capacity with all of the latest (and maybe a few ghosts of skincare past) lotions, potions and broken promises. The fact is, beauty companies have always been very good at breaking key ingredients apart and spreading them throughout the various lines so we'll need to buy more products to achieve the same results. Unfortunately, this also means less effective products, and time consuming steps that complicate skin care.

We are seeing more and more people that want a great result and a simplified routine. Products that multitask are key. Lots of high quality ingredients compressed into fewer formulations. A great example is the Benir BV9 Platinum Cream, designed to replace a night/day and eye cream, all in one, or the BV9 Super Serum which is loaded with peptides, antioxidants, skin soothers and anti-agers. Two products, everything skin needs.

But maybe you actually enjoy a complicated skin care routine. We'll keep ours as simplified as possible.

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