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Your skin is unique. You deserve solutions that are customized and proven to address your particular skin care concerns.   For this reason, we’ve developed a series of original treatment protocols which we’ve named “Provectus series”, each carefully designed to provide maximum benefit to your skin, in a non-invasive way.   Each series begins with a complimentary consultation to assess your particular skin care goals, after which we will work with you, to select the program suitable to achieve those goals. Treatments may be performed on an individual basis, or for best results, in a series of 10 weekly visits.

 Each series combines the proven science of cold laser, with our unique customized program to maximize results.

What can I expect from each series?

Depending on the Provectus series we select, clients can expect a combination of benefits including:

  • Firming & lifting of the treated area
  • Reduction in lines and wrinkles (signs of aging)
  • Brightening and evening of skin tone
  • Elimination of blemishes
  • Reduction in scarring
  • A refreshed and rejuvenated appearance
  • Skin that behaves in a more youthful manner
  • Reduction in symptoms of conditions such as rosacea & redness

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