Unlimited Laser Hair Removal for 2 years.

2023 is a great time to start the journey of becoming hair free. If you're considering multiple body areas, our 2 year unlimited package is the best way to go!

  • Goodbye ingrown hair
  • Simplify personal grooming
  • No more waxing

The cost for multiple body areas can add up REALLY fast! Our 2 year Laser Hair Removal program gets the job done, and at an amazing price!

At Glow Luxe, we are an inclusive and welcoming space. 2 year program is available for purchase until Saturday July 1st.

Call 250.590.5459 for all the details and to schedule your FREE consultation.

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How does medical grade laser hair removal work?

The hand piece emits pulses of energy into the hair follicles. The energy is absorbed by the pigment in the follicles and converted to heat which destroys the hair producing cells at the root. The treated follicles will no longer generate new hair growth. (*We recommend avoiding LHE devices as they don't provide long term results, and we are still seeing a few of these in use.)

Because we use medical grade devices, you get results. Because it is next generation, it is virtually pain free, does not require excessive gel or anesthetic, and is extremely fast. You may actually look forward to your treatments! 

What are laser hair removal treatments like?

If you've ever had waxing, you'll be pleasantly surprised by how comfortable laser actually is!

Your treatment provider will move the treatment hand-piece over your skin, pulsing it over the follicles. Each pulse sends a beam of energy into the skin, resulting in a mild sensation indicating the follicles are being  disabled. These treated follicles will not grow new hair.

Note:  Contact cooling combined with technology that specifically targets the hair root (and not the surrounding skin), we are able to reduce discomfort, eliminate the need for anesthetic, and provide an extremely fast hair removal treatment.

What body areas can I have treated with laser?

Any area, except around the eyes. The upper lip, facial hair, neck, underarms, bikini line, legs, chest and back can all be treated. Brazilians and underarms are extremely popular. Say goodbye to the prickly regrowth from shaving, pain of waxing and annoying ingrown hair.

How many laser hair removal treatments are required?

Although the number of treatments may vary depending on the individual, hair colour, hormones, age, etc, most people will require between 4-8 treatments for best results.

What determines the number of sessions needed?

  • how much hair is present
  • your age
  • your hormone levels (hormonal hair growth often require extra sessions)

Treatments are generally spaced 4-8 weeks apart, depending on the area being treated. The treatments are designed to align with the growth cycles of the hair, to maximize results. Most facial areas will be treated more often than areas of the body.

Once a series is completed, a touch up treatment may be helpful, every 12 - 24 months.

How should  I prepare for treatment?

  • First, an initial consultation must be performed to assess suitability
  • If you are extremely sensitive, a numbing cream can be purchased and applied an hour before treatment. (Emla Cream)
  • No sun exposure (tanning) or self tan should be present, as this increases the chance of burning or adverse outcomes.
  • No waxing, plucking or bleaching 4 weeks prior to treatment.
  • The area may be shaved up to the day before the treatment. (Shaving does not cause new hair growth)
  • An SPF 30 (or more) should be applied to areas being considered for treatment. (only on exposed areas to ensure no tan develops)
  • Ensure you have not been on Accutane recently, and are not currently on any photosensitizing medications.

What should I expect after treatment?

Immediately after treatment you may experience a mild sunburn like sensation. This usually lasts 2 – 24 hours, and can be soothed with cold gel or ice packs. The treated hair may continue to appear for 7 – 30 days post treatment. This is not new hair growth, but treated hair being expelled from the body.

At any given time, some of your hair is not in a phase of active growth. More than one treatment is required, to target hair follicles as they enter their growth phase.

At Glow Luxe Skin Care, we have safely performed thousands of hair removal treatments, we guarantee an effective and pleasant experience...you may even look forward to your treatment!