Lactic Acid Gel 10% home peel / Glow Rescue Skin Rx

Glow Skin RX



Create a smoother, healthier appearance, without drying or irritating sensitized skin. Increases cellular turnover, resulting in a fresher, glowing complexion. Perfect for those with more sensitive, dryer skin types, such as rosacea, as well as more mature skin types which tend to be thinner skins. The concentrated, 4 oz formula provides enough product for approximately a years worth of peels.

Key benefits:

  • gently exfoliates
  • suitable for sensitized and more mature skin types
  • reduces pigmentation and the appearance of sun damage
  • eliminates blemish causing bacteria
  • safe for all skin types
  • creates an even skin tone
  • treats keratosis pilaris (bumpy skin)

What you won’t find:

  • Fragrance
  • Parabens
  • Alcohol
  • Phthalates
  • Fillers
  • Petrochemicals
  • Sulphates (SLS)

How to use:

Can be used 2-5 times per week. Apply to skin, leaving on for 1-5 minutes initially and increasing as skin builds tolerance. May be used on any areas requiring exfoliation, such as shoulders and arms to address Keratosis Pilaris (pebbly, bumpy skin). Rinses easily away with clean water. Avoid the immediate eye area.

Key ingredients: lactic acid

size: 4oz / 120ml

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