Skin care treatments on the go.

Life can sometimes get in the way, making it difficult to keep our skin care appointments. If you're a traveller, you may find yourself far away from your favourite treatments for extended periods of time. Or maybe you're wishing you could have your professional skin care treatment as often as you would like, from the comfort of home.

What if you could experience the brow lifting, jawline firming benefits of micro-current, the skin rejuvenating benefit of LED cold laser, the collagen stimulating benefit of radio frequency combined with electroporation to push your favourite skin care products deeply into your skin all in one device?

Elevare micro-current led cold laser radio frequency home treatment 

Thanks to our newest at-home treatment device, the Elevare from benir beauty, you can bring all 4 treatment protocols with you anywhere and everywhere for an effective treatment that reduces signs of aging, improves product penetration, and is extremely portable. 

  • Micro-current firms and lifts
  • LED cold laser soothes inflammation and rejuvenates
  • Radio Frequency stimulates collagen production
  • Electroporation increases serum penetration
  • Painless and no downtime
  • Great for in-between your regular clinical visits.

Available in Victoria, exclusively at Glow Luxe Skin Care. Visit us today for a complimentary trial.



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