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LED Photorejuvenation, Cold Laser, low level light therapy for rosacea, anti-aging, acne Victoria BC

What is Cold Laser Photo-Rejuvenation?

LED Photo-rejuvenation is a scientifically proven method that stimulates our body's cells and initiates a healing response to increase collagen production, prevent or reverse signs of aging, and treat a variety of skin conditions. Our clients who have been experiencing regular light therapy sessions display skin that behaves more youthfully, with fewer wrinkles, less inflammation (rosacea), and reduced acne and blemishes.

We have been utilizing the power of LED light for over 20 years and are strong believers in the benefit this treatment offers to our clients.

Also known as photo-biomodulation, cold laser, or LLLT, LED photo-rejuvenation is a Health Canada / FDA-approved process that utilizes the power of non-thermal light. Particular wavelengths are shown to regulate cellular activity to produce a desired outcome such as collagen production, elimination and treatment of acne or control of rosacea. LED treatments also inhibit the production of collagen-degrading enzymes that accelerate the aging process. Cold laser (LED phototherapy) is a scientifically proven, safe and effective facial treatment developed for clinical application by NASA with the perfection of narrow spectrum LED light.

LED Photorejuvenation light therapy is non-thermal and incredibly healing, encouraging collagen renewal comfortably and safely. We can customize, depending on the concern, to include blue, red, green and yellow wavelengths of active energy.

What are the Benefits of Cold Laser Photo-Rejuvenation?

  • Increased collagen production with a decrease in collagenase activity (collagen destruction), resulting in reduced wrinkles and fine lines. LED photo-rejuvenation is a very beneficial skin treatment for mature skin or as a preventative treatment to slow signs of aging. Simply put, this is an excellent treatment for anyone that wants to increase collagen production in their skin, and age well.

  • Helps reduce signs of aging and reverses premature aging.

  • Reduction in the signs of photo-aging and sun damage.

  • Improved skin texture with a reduction in erythema (redness) and pigmentation.

  • Calms rosacea.

  • Kills p.acnes bacteria associated with acne breakouts.

  • Anti-inflammatory and extremely healing.

  • With regular photorejuvenation skin treatments, the chronological age of one's skin (health and appearance) will improve over time, easily improving appearance by ten years.

The Importance of Wavelength in Light Therapy

The wavelength of light used is extremely important in determining the desired outcome. Many devices incorporate a single wavelength of energy, which limits the effectiveness of the treatment. At Glow Luxe, we select and customize treatments to your specific needs, ensuring the correct protocol and mix of wavelengths are used to achieve the desired result.

Why Choose Our Full Facial Array LED Platform?

We use a FULL facial array LED platform to deliver optimum levels of energy to maximize results. Handheld wands are less efficient and less effective. Photo-rejuvenation is an effective treatment for rosacea and acne, and provides powerful anti-aging benefits to maturing skin. It's one of the best preventative treatments to slow the development of signs of aging.

The Glow Luxe Difference

At Glow Luxe, we prioritize using a Full Face light array over handheld wands. Many cold laser providers use a handheld wand that only provides a fraction of the required energy necessary for optimum results. Our more efficient delivery of energy means better results from your cold laser treatments!


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