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1 year unlimited laser hair removal. Victoria BC best price

This is an AMAZING offer! $2500 for 1 year of unlimited laser hair removal. Purchase online or Call 250.590.5459 for details. Fully certified laser technicians for an excellent result. If you have multiple areas you would like to treat with laser hair removal, this is an amazing offer!
  • Phone consultations available at 250.590.5459
  • Limited number available. When they're gone, they're gone!

When you purchase our 1 year unlimited laser hair removal package, you'll have the option of treating ANY combination of body areas for the entire year.


Brazilian and Underarms are $338 per session. At approximately 8.6 sessions for the year, these 2 areas would be valued at $2906, You save $406 on these 2 areas alone. Any additional areas are basically FREE!

1 year unlimited laser hair removal



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Available through the month of August, with every Brazilian laser hair removal session purchased, we'll include UnderArms for FREE!