Oxygen Facial Treatment / Victoria BC

oxygen facial Victoria BC

Victoria's FIRST + only TRUE oxygen facial. 

Genuine purified oxygen and a proprietary blend of nutrients, peptides and anti-agers invigorate and create a beautifully refreshed, plumped and hydrated finish. You don't need a "red carpet event" to look ready for one! Pure concentrated oxygen and the benefits of only the best skin-enhancing compounds. We customize our service to your unique concerns. 

What is an oxygen facial?

If you are looking for incredible hydration, skin suppleness and an appearance that looks vibrant and rested, oxygen facials are for you! One of Hollywood's most sought-after facial skin care treatments, concentrated oxygen infuses active serums, hyaluronic acid, peptides and vitamins into the skin. Instant results will leave your skin glowing and ready to walk the red carpet. The best result-oriented facial you will ever experience.

Our on-site cosmetic chemist gives us the unique ability to create custom serums suited to your UNIQUE skin type and concerns. Exclusively in Victoria at Glow Luxe skin care.

Have a wedding or big event coming up? Oxygen facials are a great pre-event treatment to get your skin looking and feeling amazing!

Serenity O2 Facial

skin types: sensitized / inflamed / stressed / irritated

Skin is nourished and infused with a proprietary blend of skin soothing and calming compounds which also repair the skins protective barrier function. Instant results and a reduction in itchy sensitivity and inflammation. Supports healing of dry or damaged skin and restores suppleness. *includes a gentle skin brightening peel ~ $200

Rapid Rejuvenation O2 Facial:

skin types: aging / sensitized 

With our hexapeptide-rich formula, skin is richly nourished, instantly smoothed, tightened and ultimately hydrated. You can expect a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, a softening of signs from premature aging, a lifting and tightening effect to minimize sagging and loss of contour. *includes a gentle skin hydrating peel ~ $200

Acne + Blemish Infusion O2 Facial:

skin types: acne / inflamed

A powerful weapon against acne and problem prone skin. Clear, refine and calm skin, improving the appearance of blemish prone, oily or combination skin. Impurities and inflammation are banished, leaving an antibacterial environment for calm, clear skin. Removes the built up debris from keratinization. *includes a skin balancing peel ~ $200

Express Oxygen Facial - 30 min

When you want to hydrate and calm your skin, but you're pressed for time. ~ $160


Add an Oxygen Facial to your service: 

Oxygen Facials can be added as an extra service to most in-clinic treatment protocols at preferred pricing. Ask for details.

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