Glow Bright facial treatment


 facial treatment for sun damage, brown spots, improved skin texture Victoria B

Everyone loves a smooth, even skin tone! We've brought together a proprietary combination of treatments to target and address pigment irregularities and dull complexion. In combination with our customizable peel and product application, our Glow Bright facial treatment is an effective skin brightening and texture smoothing protocol. Suitable for a variety of ages and skin types. Non-invasive with minimal to no down time. 


  • Reduce sun damage and pigmentation
  • Reduce pigmented scarring
  • Brighten & smooth
  • Improve skin texture

You'll see results after just one session. When experienced in a series of 4 bi-weekly sessions, Glow Bright provides very noticeable results to get your skin glowing and looking its absolute best!

Technology, combined with cosmetic chemistry and experience, create superior results! At Glow Luxe we bring together the best science has to offer in order to combat skin problems and signs of aging. 

Price: $425 ($349 until Dec 31st)

Package of 4: $1450 ($1200 until Dec 31st)


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