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What is acne?

Acne is a common skin condition and can unfortunately occur at any age. Acne is generally caused by inflammation of the oily glands in the skin, which produce sebum (oils). When the duct of the gland becomes blocked by debris, including skin, oils or dirt, a pimple starts to form. Increased inflammation occurs as the pimple becomes infected with p.acnes bacteria. Acne can also be triggered by allergies and hormonal issues which require specific treatment. The good news is that at Glow Luxe skin care, we can provide effective acne treatment to create the clear, healthy skin you desire.

Effective acne treatments will:

  • Target active acne
  • Reduce pigmented (red) scaring
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Eliminate skin congestion 

At Glow Luxe we customize our acne treatments to your particular skin type and concern. We'll select the appropriate treatment or combination of treatments to create an effective outcome. Without the use of Accutane or Antibiotics.

  • IPL may be used to remove pigmented acne scarring.
  • A new option, AC Dual from Venus Concept, consists of dual wave IPL in a 415nm (blue) wavelength and 630nm (red) wavelength delivered simultaneously to destroy bacteria, reduce inflammation, inhibit sebum production and support healing.

At Glow Luxe skin care our focus is on eliminating or controlling acne breakouts using healthy, safe, yet effective options, that never put your health or the health of your skin at risk. "Blue light" can be quite effective at destroying the bacteria associated with inflammation, and can be combined with customized enzymes or acids to create an effective treatment platform. We always recommend scheduling a consultation so we can assess your skin's condition, and create a customized program to achieve your specific goals.

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Acne tips and options

  • Microdermabrasion should never be used on active acne breakouts, as this can irritate the skin, and spread the p.acnes bacteria around complicating the issue. Many acne products are sold via informercial as well, but these tend to offer short term results, while drying the skin or causing long term damage to skin quality.
  • Skin suffering from acne, can also be quite sensitive or may have flakiness and excess oil at the same time. Choosing a gentle cleanser (not soap) can be very helpful in keeping the pores clean and reducing the likelyhood of bacteria creating inflammation. Although it can be tempting, never squeeze or "pop" a pimple as this may cause pitted scarring and damage to the skin's appearance. Avoid using home remedies such as toothpaste as a spot treatment, as this can cause a "burn" and pigmented scarring to occur.
  • Never squeeze a deep pimple as it can lead to inflammation and scarring.
  • Use a gentle (non abrasive) exfoliator to keep pores clear
  • Common prescriptions by dermatologists are Accutane™ or antibiotics, but these should never be a first course of action. Accutane, (isotretinoin product) can cause miscarriages and deformities in unborn babies and so should not be taken while pregnant. Accutane may also increase your chance of developing diabetes, liver disease or heart disease in those that have a genetic disposition towards these disorders when used on an ongoing basis. Accutane can also cause an increase in sensitivity to sunlight as well as decreased night vision. 

We have been treating acne for over 24 years, and understand each individuals unique needs and requirements. If you are suffering from acne, we always welcome your questions, and can provide information on effective ways to address your acne, to achieve clear, beautiful skin.

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