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Tighten & Firm Your Tummy

When it comes to body treatments, the number one area of concern for most people is tummy. Maybe you've been exercising and eating right but just can't get rid of that last bit of tummy fat. Perhaps you've experienced childbirth and have stretch marks and looseness to the skin. Both are treatable with our next generation Legacy.

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Get The Red Out

Did you know that we originally started back in 2002 with a forte for treating rosacea, skin inflammation and the associated redness? Excessive flushing, blushing, broken capillaries and red itchy irritation can all be treated painlessly and effectively to keep symptoms at bay and reduce the damage that occurs when left unchecked. 

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What's in your skin care?

We recently decided to take a closer look at a popular anti-aging serum which happens to have a price tag of over $200. The marketing is brilliant and gives the impression of a magic elixir that turns back signs of aging, delivering large quantities of beneficial skin saving ingredients. What are you really buying? Here's what we found....

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