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Reduce Body Fat + Tighten Skin.

You eat right and exercise, but just can't seem to get the flat tummy you really want?

We can help tighten skin and reduce unwanted body fat, all in one amazing treatment series!

Phone consultations are available. To find out more. Call 250.590.5459 to book yours today!

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Get The Red Out

Did you know that we originally started back in 2002 with a forte for treating rosacea, skin inflammation and the associated redness? Excessive flushing, blushing, broken capillaries and red itchy irritation can all be treated painlessly and effectively to keep symptoms at bay and reduce the damage that occurs when left unchecked. 

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Special Event: September 23rd, 1-6pm.

Join us on Wednesday, Sept 23rd and find out more about our latest treatments for Acne, Brown & Red Spots, Spider Veins, Acne Scarring.

Call and reserve your free VIP informational session. 250.590.5459

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Complimentary Skin Consultations