What skin care companies don't want you to know.

We recently decided to take a closer look at a popular anti-aging serum which happens to have a price tag of over $200. The marketing is brilliant and gives the impression of a magic elixir that turns back signs of aging, delivering large quantities of beneficial skin saving ingredients. I won't mention the product by name (you can ask next time you visit us), but I will say what we found was eye opening (and saddening). Without a background in cosmetic chemistry you would have a difficult time getting past the marketing and, understanding what you're really buying. Here's what we found....

In a product containing a total of 47 ingredients, 35 were preservatives or compounds which influence the products texture (silicones and other petrochemicals) providing no real benefit to the skin. The first ingredient was water (not uncommon). 2 ingredients were dye to create a pleasing color, and both had health concerns attached to them. 2 ingredients were perfume/fragrance which can be a mixture of hundreds of different chemicals, many of them endocrine (hormone function) disruptors.

Of 47 ingredients listed, only 7 were active in any way, and a few of those were pretty weak choices as anti-oxidants or hydrators.

This is a great example (and very common) of how many companies keep costs down in their formulations by using cheap fillers and only "dust" the product with active ingredients. Most of their efforts go into creating a product that feels and smells good, and a convincing marketing program.

We've always felt you deserve better. At Glow Luxe, our products start with as little as 2 ingredients. In our more potent formulations, you'll find high levels of beneficial ingredients and very little else.

To find out more, schedule your complimentary product consultation today! 250.590.5459 Your skin will never look better! 

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