Laser Hair Removal Myths...Busted.

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Years ago I completed my qualifications in Medical Esthetics in Sydney Australia. A city of beautiful beaches, barely-there clothing and endless summers, Australian women tend to have effortless, hairless beach bodies thanks to the popularity of laser hair removal. After all, who has time to de-fuzz everyday when the surf is calling? Certainly no self respecting Sydney-sider would be caught in her Seafolly bikini with razor burn or ingrown hairs.

When I moved to Victoria BC I was surprised to find that the majority of women were still slaves to their razors and painful, messy waxing. So what was keeping Victorian’s from the joys of the hairless armpit? the pleasures of a perfectly and permanently groomed bikini line, or the smooth upper lip? I found many ladies had misconceptions about laser hair removal, and I would like to dispel those myths and bring Victorians out of the Victorian era!


Myth Number 1: It’s going to HURT!!!

Pain is the one of the biggest concerns our clients have when they come in to us for a consultation. Luckily laser hair removal has come a very long way in the last 15 years. Newer system platforms, use excellent integrated cooling which cools the skin during the treatment minimizing any discomfort and eliminating the need for numbing creams or messy cooling gels. Though there may be a brief feeling of heat it is fleeting, and many clients hardly feel a thing! I speak from experience when I say that Brazilian laser hair removal is WAY less painful than waxing!

Myth Number 2: It’s not REALLY Permanent

Yes and No. The hair follicles affected by each laser hair removal will be PERMANENTLY destroyed, and never produce hair again. However, over the years following your treatment new hair follicles can be stimulated to produce hairs, particularly during pregnancy. This tends to be minimal and easily taken care of with a touch up treatment every year or two, and some clients will never require a touch-up.

Myth Number 3: It’s Super Expensive

In the last 15 years laser hair removal has become quicker, less painful, more effective, and LESS EXPENSIVE!!!  Pricing starts at as little as $70, with discounts available for multiple areas and treatment packages. Many clients are taking advantage of lower prices to do larger areas like full legs (we even include bikini for free!). Think how much you could  save on waxing, razors, depilatories etc.

Myth Number 4: It’s too Embarrassing!

Body hair can be a sensitive topic for many ladies. I used to think that I was the only woman in the world with toe hair, it was my dirty little secret until I went into the Medispa industry and found that almost ALL women experience hair growth in “strange” places. As laser technicians we treat it all, and we commonly remove hair on breasts, bum cheeks, toes and faces. I always ensure clients are completely comfortable with me and with the treatment and we ensure that all your treatments will be with the same technician. In fact by the time were done we probably will have shared more than you have with your closest girlfriends! And of course, whatever happens in the treatment room, stays in the treatment room! Brazilian laser hair removal, which includes EVERYTHING from your navel to your bum, is our most popular treatment, and believe me, it is 100% worth it! Most clients only regret not doing it sooner.

So hopefully I have demystified the world of permanent hair reduction for you, and might I add that NOW is the best time to start? Fall is a great time to begin treatments so that when summer rolls around you are ready to get your smooth, silky self into that tank top or bikini, Sydney-style!


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