Is Laser Treatment The Best Option For Rosacea?

If you have recently visited the dermatologist or family doctor in Victoria regarding symptoms of rosacea, you have probably been directed towards either topical antibiotics/steroids, or laser treatment.   While laser is effective at treating red facial veins, is it really the best/only option for treating rosacea?

Rosacea is a common and progressive condition that may express itself in a variety of ways:

  • acne blemishes
  • flushing and blushing easily
  • sensitized rash or redness / inflammation
  • worsening of capillaries (spider veins) in affected areas
  • enlarged nose or ears
  • ocular (rosacea affecting the eye area)
  • dry flakiness and/or itchiness

Without treatment, rosacea has a tendency to worsen and progress, becoming more troublesome and visibly noticeable.   Advanced rosacea sufferers may experience redness and inflammation that does not subside,   topical blemishes, and sensitized areas of rash. Often physicians will recommend topical steroids or antibiotics for lack of a better treatment option. Knowing the correct skin care products to use is also extremely important for rosacea sufferers.

What can a rosacea sufferer do to control their condition?

There are no cures for rosacea. Many treatment providers will recommend laser or IPL (intense pulsed light) as a primary rosacea treatment.   While these treatments do have a place in the overall treatment of rosacea, we feel they are not the best solution for controlling and preventing the advancement of rosacea. Our preference is to reserve laser and IPL for the effective removal of the tiny capillaries that have surfaced due to vascular damage and are often visible on the skin around the nose and cheeks.

Treating rosacea in a holistic and healthy way

Advancements in science, and understanding how rosacea   occurs and progresses has allowed the development of extremely effective treatment protocols that enable us to control rosacea and actually reverse its progression to put the condition into regression.   25 years of experience treating rosacea and skin sensitivities, has proven the effectiveness of “non-thermal” treatment options such as LED therapy, combined with customized enzymes, at controlling rosacea and putting the condition into remission.

When we encourage our bodies own healing responses, we are able to strengthen capillaries to reduce instances of blushing/flushing, reduce inflammation and redness, sooth sensitized skin, and begin to reverse damage and stress that has occurred to the skin.   By reducing the cause of the damage, we can prevent the formation of new capillaries on the skin surface.

The end result?

Happy, healthy skin, that looks and feels fantastic. Why suffer with rosacea? We are only a phone call away, and offer a free consultation so you can find out more about the options available to you.  

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