LED Light Therapy for AntiAging, Acne, Rosacea + Healthy Skin!

As more and more studies, the FDA, and users confirm the effectiveness of LED light therapy in treating acne, rosacea and aging, this space age treatment is gaining in popularity.   Led light therapy is one of the safest and fastest ways to achieve skin that not only looks, but also behaves younger.

What is LED Light Therapy? (sometimes referred to as “photo rejuvenation”)

Led light therapy was pioneered by Nasa as they experimented with healing astronauts in space, and encouraging   plant growth without exposure to the sun.   As they developed the process, it was noted the improvements in skin healing and appearance that occurred with continued exposure.   They soon discovered that certain wavelengths of visible light, encourage our cells to produce proteins and lipids (similar to photosynthesis) that are essential for repairing and rejuvenating skin tissue.   And the rest is anti-aging history.

By utilizing various wavelengths of light (red, blue, green, yellow) we can encourage the body to respond in a positive way to treat signs of aging, acne, rosacea and inflammation.

Led light therapy for antiaging. collagen

RED light (580 – 1200 nm)

  • powerful effect on elastin to firm skin
  • encourages collagen production to plump skin
  • heals / regenerates skin cells
  • promotes nourishing blood flow
  • calms inflammation / strengthens capillaries / soothes rosacea

BLUE light (400 – 450 nm)

  • destroys acne causing (p. acnes) bacteria
  • improves skins elasticity
  • calming effect on the body

What are the benefits of LED Light Therapy?

  • Improved skin appearance, reduction in wrinkles + lines
  • Heals and treats acne and breakouts
  • Soothes rosacea and inflammation
  • Firms and smooths skin
  • Stimulates collagen and elastin
  • Promotes nourishing blood flow
  • non-invasive / pain free / no side effects

If you are considering invasive cosmetic procedures, LED light therapy may be a great option to replace the more aggressive treatments.   Theres no side effects, no pain and the results are proven.

Find out how you can have smoother, softer, healthier looking skin by calling 250.590.5459 for a complimentary consultation.

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