Say goodbye to adult acne.

Your teenage years are long behind you, but while all your friends are worried about wrinkles you just want to get rid of those embarrassing breakouts!

If you experience adult acne you are not alone. Many women and men get breakouts at different stages in life even if they never had acne as an adolescent. The severity may vary from a few pesky bumps to angry, cystic acne and can be very distressing.

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  • It is very important to treat adult acne quickly to minimize damage to the skin and scarring.
  • Adult acne is most commonly triggered by hormonal fluctuations and is most often but not limited to the chin and jawline area.
  • Many women who experience acne as an adult do not have particularly oily skin and in fact are often dry or dehydrated which is why this skin condition requires careful and specific treatment.
  • It is important to avoid products containing harsh ingredients such as alcohol or benzoyl peroxide as they can leave your skin dry and sensitized and over time prematurely age your skin.
  • Ingredients such as zinc, colloidal sulphur and salicylic acid help to heal and prevent breakouts gently without stripping or drying out your skin. Retinol and Alpha Hydroxy Acids can be extremely effective in controlling adult acne and are also fantastic anti-ageing ingredients.

We recommend these ingredients be used carefully with the guidance of a skin care specialist for the best results. For more persistent or severe cases we see fantastic results with Blue Light Photo-rejuvenation as well as our AC dual treatments. both are safe, gentle variations of light therapy which destroys acne causing bacteria while reducing inflammation and boosting your skins healing process. Combining these treatments with a gentle chemical or enzyme peel provides the most profound improvement.

If you are ready to say goodbye to blackheads, breakouts, bumps and scars come see us for a complimentary consultation. 250.590.5459

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