Winter skin care. Tips for happy, healthy, hydrated skin.

Fall and winter can be a tough time for skin. Even though seasons change, we can still maintain healthy, happy and hydrated skin. Here’s a few tips on keeping your dewy glow, year round.

winter skin care tips. Victoria BC. Dry Skin and barrier function

The skin’s barrier function is important for protecting the skin from irritants, as well as seasonal and environmental changes. Over exfoliating, either deliberately, our through the over use of skin care products containing acids or retinols, can leave skin sensitized and prone to dehydration. For healthy winter skin, it’s important to ensure we maintain our bodies own protective and healing barrier. Look for products that contain…

  • ceramides and lipids  to replace lost barrier function. Fatty acids protect skin from environmental damage and allow healing.
  • Squalane Oil derived from olives, is a powerful antioxidant and is similar to our bodies own sebaceous oils.

Maintaining a high level of hydration in the skin is also important through the fall and winter months. While drinking plenty of water is fantastic for proper digestion, and removing toxins from our systems, it often doesn’t reflect in the hydration of our skin, and hence a topical moisturizer is needed to care for the surface skin layers.

  • Look for products rich in humectants, such as Hyaluronic Acid, which will pull moisture into the skin, and lock it in place.

While everyone may be a little different, generally a well formulated moisturizer will work year round. We don’t believe in the need for a separate day, night or eye cream. If your skin cream is full of active ingredients, and contains the necessary compounds to maintain skin hydration and health, one product will do it all.

And of course when cleansing and exfoliating…

  • Be sure to use a gentle Sulfate free cleanser, that doesn’t dry the skin (avoid detergents and soaps).
  • Avoid exfoliating products that “scratch” the skin and instead try a more gentle “lactic acid” based peel.
  • Cleanse at night to remove the day’s impurities.
  • Exfoliate no more than 3 times per week.

By protecting the skins barrier function, providing a high level of anti-oxidants and nutrients, and introducing the correct mix of hydrating compounds, your skin will be happy and hydrated all year round!

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