Squalane Oil boosts skin hydration and reduces wrinkles.

When selecting ingredients for moisturizers, it’s important to choose skin care ingredients that will actually absorb into the skin, hydrate and protect the skin to create a reduction in lines and wrinkles. Many products today unfortunately choose petrochemicals (ingredients derived from crude oil) to achieve a soft, slick feel to a product and pleasant texture (or maybe just sits on top leaving a greasy film)…..but it’s not doing anything for your skin, and may in fact be harmful with longterm use.

One of our favourites, and an ingredient that is also similar to the sebaceous oils our skin naturally produces is Squalane.  Squalane oil  can be derived from a few different sources such as shark liver or olives. Since we feel strongly about creating products that do not harm living things, we always use an OLIVE sourced Squalane oil….a natural moisturizer.


What are the benefits of Squalane oil?

  • Absorbs deeply into the skin, hydrating skin cells and reducing wrinkles.
  • Anti-oxidant and beneficial for many skin ailments (including eczema)
  • Protects skin cells from free radical damage
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Prevents UV damage and formation of age spots
  • Crucial for keeping skin hydrated and preventing moisture loss.
  • Visibly reduces signs of aging
  • Anti Microbial (reduces harmful bacteria and associated blemishes.)

Squalane oil in skin care products also contributes to the dewy, velvety soft texture we desire when our skin is completely hydrated and happy. By contributing antioxidants to the skin and reducing inflammation, Squalane oil reduces one of the primary causes of premature aging and skin disorders and reduces free radical damage. By absorbing deeply into the skin, penetrating and coating the cells with protective moisture and lipids, Squalane oil   is a powerful addition to your moisturizer and anti aging skin care program.


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