Bee Venom cream, a favourite in Canada / product review

Bee Venom AntiAging Cream Benir Beauty

Ever since it was revealed members of the royal family such as Kate Middleton had used bee venom cream in their anti aging program, interest in bee venom as an active skin care ingredient has increased. We thought we would investigate, and get to the bottom of the bee venom hype.

While many bee venom products exist, either as bee venom masks, bee venom cream, or bee venom serum, we found it challenging to find a bee venom product that not only contained high enough levels of bee venom, but also contained the combination of proven anti aging ingredients we expect in our skincare.

Along the way, we also found many bee venom products that contained bees wax, or any combination of parabens, phthalates, perfumes, petroleum based additives, or excess fillers. Our goal is to always provide products that are full of active and beneficial ingredients, without the “bad stuff” you don’t want or need in your skincare. And its important that your skin can breathe, so if it stays on your skin (such as creams) it needs to fully absorb into the skin, and not leave residue or an occlusive barrier…..acne and breakouts anyone? In some of the more well know brands, we also found ingredient lists that where ridiculously long and full of all sorts of scary stuff…..and as far as bee venom, maybe a dusting if we were lucky.

Here’s the lowdown on our favourite of the group, and the bee venom product we decided to carry in store.

A company called “benir” has a product called BV-9 Platinum, an anti aging bee venom cream. The company has a long history of creating pure and active skincare products and the bee venom cream caught our eye. The texture of the product is very luxurious, but not overly “heavy”, and once applied to our skin it fully absorbed without any left over residue. When looking at the ingredient list of the bee venom cream, we were happy to see lots of active anti aging ingredients, including bee venom, Acetyl hexapeptide 8 and hyaluronic acid, and a complete absence of parabens, etc. The product also has a pleasant fragrance, derived from Jasmine with a touch of green tea, light and pleasant.

On our skin, the bee venom cream had a wonderful cooling and firming effect. After sitting on my skin for a moment, and fully absorbing, my skin felt soft and velvety soft. It was ultra hydrating, but felt really light and wonderful on my face.   Some of us at glow luxe have sensitive skin, and this is the main reason we search out gentle products. The Benir bee venom cream, didn’t cause any irritation, but that’s what we expected given the lack of additives and fillers in the product.

If you are currently looking for a bee venom cream specifically, or just a really wonderful anti aging moisturizer, we hightly recommend the BV-9 bee venom cream from benir.

Remember…….this product may not be suitable for those that may be allergic to bee stings.




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