Anti Aging. We all age, here’s how to age well

What do we believe? Healthy skin, is gorgeous skin…this is real anti aging. 


There have never been so many options available for skin care and anti aging treatments as there are today.  Unfortunately, with so many options, it can be difficult for individuals to really know what is overly aggressive, placebo, hoax or may change our appearance for the worse. Some swear by botox, injectable fillers, rollers, aggressive and potentially damaging treatments protocols. If that is you, wonderful, but you’re probably not our clientele.


For many years, we have followed a path of healthy and proactive skin care. We have offered injectables, cellulite treatments and botox, only to return to the tried and true methods that have always kept our clients looking their best by keeping their skin healthy and vibrant. This method is true “anti aging” as it doesn't alter your appearance via a temporary mask, but results in a positive benefit to the actual health of the skin.


Most of the damaged skin we see coming to us currently, arises from treatments that are harsh and overly aggressive for most skin types. Pigmentation changes, scaring and burns, loss of fat volume are not acceptable risks when one is trying to improve skin health. The proliferation of discount sites, and inexperienced skin care practitioners has only intensified this problem. The wrong skin care products can also be very damaging to one’s skin. Our desire is for you to “be yourself.” We're not fans of the artificial look provided by over use of fillers and botox. Damaged and shocked skin is prone to premature aging, so why take the risk?


So what do you believe? Healthy skin, is gorgeous skin…this is real anti aging. If you want to erase every last wrinkle, try the plastic surgeon (and again in 5-7 years when you need your next surgery). If you want to position your skin for long term health and vibrancy, we offer a selection of services and products that are designed to encourage our bodies to heal and repair skin damage for a younger look. The body is an amazing machine, and given the right tools is capable of reversing signs of aging, replacing lost collagen and reducing symptoms of acne and rosacea. We can do it safely and effectively, without compromising your health or the health of your skin.

Our product formulations are also some of the most potent and concentrated available, and without parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, fillers, fragrance….

If you want gorgeous skin, we recommend calling the office at 250.590.5459 to arrange for a complimentary consultation to find out your options. Be yourself, take care of what you already have, don't forget to eat right and exercise...and get on the path to the most gorgeous skin you’ve ever experienced.

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