Alpha Hydroxy & Kojic Acids for an even skin tone.

Everyone wants an even skin tone free of brown spots caused by sun damage and premature aging.   An even, blemish free complexion always looks younger and fresher than skin marked with age spots and brown patches.   And since we don’t recommend Hydroquinone, (it’s banned in some countries anyway) what sort of options are available to address this particular concern?

Alpha Hydroxy Acids combined with Kojic Acid, are a safe and effective way to gently even out skin tone over time.   With regular use we can also expect softer, smoother, less wrinkled skin by increasing cellular turnover to reveal fresher more youthful skin.

What are Alpha Hydroxy Acids? To keep things simple, they are basically acids derived from plant sugars. The acids work by dissolving the dead skin tissues, and increasing cellular turnover to bring out the underlying,   younger looking skin. Over time they also influence collagen and increased skin thickness for a healthy appearance to one’s skin.

What is Kojic Acid? A fungal product, Kojic Acid inhibits the ability of the skin to create the skin pigment melanin.

You can find both Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Kojic Acid in our highly rated, best selling home peel, Cellular Renewal Power Peel available exclusively at Glow Luxe.

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