Are your hands giving away your real age?

One way you're giving away your age?  Untreated, aging hands. It's common to take great care of our facial skin, but did you know we can also treat browns and reds on hands to keep everyone guessing?

sun damage and age spots on hands. IPL Treatment Victoria BC

We have all been taught to wear our sunblock, and to use active skin care products for our facial area, but how much thought do we give to other areas like hands or decollate?

The great news when it comes to age spots and blood vessels? There are many treatment options available in today’s marketplace for the treatment of photo-aging and its effects.  A wonderful result can be achieved for almost any area of the body.

In our experience, IPL (intense pulsed light) provides the most "bang for the buck." IPL is comfortable and requires little if any downtime and, is extremely effective at a smaller price compared to other light based treatments. Plus its fast with an almost immediate result!

The great thing is, IPL is capable of targeting both browns & reds, so you can also say goodbye to any broken capillaries or blood vessels in the treated areas. Team IPL up with our PIgment Correcting Serum and a good hand lotion, and your hands will be healthy and timeless.

Experience also comes into play, and our technicians are capable of achieving an amazing result while safely treating a variety of skin tones and ethnicities.

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