#1 Tip for great skin?

The cosmetic industry is a massive, and often misleading marketing machine.   It is not an easy task for the average consumer to really know what they are being sold, and applying to their skin.

That being said, one of the very best things you can do to age well, address skin concerns and look fabulous is to select skin care products that are full of active and beneficial ingredients, while avoiding all the “bad stuff.”

the #1 tip for great skin

Here are a few basic thoughts on the whole process of selecting products, to ensure you get the result you want, while avoiding some of the common pitfalls in the industry.

Here’s a few tips………..

A great marketing campaign, with celebrity endorsements  generally doesn’t equal a product I would feel comfortable putting on my skin.   And when the price is questionably low, I have to wonder about the quality of the skin care ingredients.

Fluffy ingredients.    Gold flakes, Collagen…..the list goes on.   Sure some thing sound  great on the label, but why include them if they don’t provide a result or serve a real purpose?

Don’t be fooled by misleading claims. Why do you think they put a question mark on the end of certain statements? You can generally follow statements such as, “Just like surgery?” or “better than botox?” with a resounding NO.

Natural ingredients are not always best.   Some natural skin care ingredients are harmful to the skin or at best, provide very little if any benefit.   Science has come a long way in creating ingredients that are beneficial and completely safe to use.

DO, avoid Parabens, Phthalates and Fragrance  in particular.   These ingredients not only cause problems on the surface of our skin, but they may also work their way into our bodies and cause all sorts of problems with hormones and health.

I have always found a “short” ingredient list is best.   AND, if the ingredients are not listed, I would never buy that particular product. We deserve to know what we are putting on our bodies.

The list goes on and on……..

Our passion is client education. We take great pleasure in teaching people the benefits of proper and knowledgeable skin care. Want to know more? We invite you to call Glow Luxe Skin Care at (250.590.5459) for a free consultation on skin health, and proper care for long term health and beauty.

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