Myth or fact? Shaving causes new hair growth.

One of the treatments we provide at our skin care clinic in Victoria BC, is Laser hair removal.  Pre-treatment preparation requires the client to shave the area to be treated. This often leads to the question being raised of shaving and its influence on new hair growth.

woman and shaving laser hair removal Victoria bc

Myth: “If I shave an area of my body, the hair will grow back thicker, darker and coarser.”

Absolutely not true.

Unfortunately, there is a fair amount of misinformation floating around, even from treatment providers such as waxing and electrolysis professionals who should know better. The truth is, shaving will not cause changes to hair growth. The main contributors to such changes are hormone levels, age, and genetics.

Main Contributors to Hair Growth?

  • Hormone levels
  • Genetics
  • Age

So, take comfort in the fact that shaving an upper lip, chin or legs, will not cause the growth of a thick unsightly beard, or unmanageable overgrown thighs and calves.




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