Acne? Back Of Arm Bumps? Dull Complexion? Here's the solution.

Encouraging cellular turnover, and keeping the skins surface clear of debris is a great way to reduce stubborn breakouts, smooth bumpy skin textures, and brighten skin for an over all dewy glow.

While there are many options, from loofahs to gritty exfoliant creams and powders, we prefer a better approach...Alpha + Beta hydroxy acids. 

treatment for bumps on back of arms


Depending on the clients skin type, and the depth of exfoliation required, we have many options, ranging from the common acid exfoliant Glycolic acid, to Salicylic or Lactic acids.  Glycolic acid is a common choice because of its small molecule size. This allows for easy and deeper penetration into the skin layers resulting in a more visible result, whereas Lactic acid has a larger molecule and is a safer choice for those with sensitized or compromised skin types. Customization can be key for the best result, with todays peel products being gentle yet very effective. And keep in mind, you don't have to visibly peel the skin to experience a dramatic result.   (Additional reading... To much of a good thing. Are you over exfoliating?)

Why acids?

  • No scrubbing required / Gentle on skin. Scrubbing with a manual exfoliant can inflame skin.
  • Non abrasive. Abrasive exfoliants (walnut shell, etc) leave micro scratches in the skin allowing bacteria to enter (breakouts?)

How they work?

  • Acids dissolve the "sticky glue" holding dead skin cells together, allowing them to be easily removed.
  • Generally, an at-home acid product can be left on for just a couple of minutes until you feel a tingly sensation, then rinsed off.
  • Overuse can result in excessive drying of the skin.  
The benefits? 
    • Increased collagen
    • Thickened epidermis and more resilient skin
    • An evening of skin tone
    • Reduction in breakouts and pimples (unclogs pores, dissolves skin debris)
    • A smoothing benefit for bumpy uneven skin 
    • Refreshed overall complexion
    • reduction in fine lines

    We highly recommend...Cellular Renewal AHA Peel & Gentle Exfoliating Peel

    Wondering which acid product is right for your skin type? Looking for in clinic acid or enzyme peels? We would love to hear from you. For complimentary consultations call Glow Luxe Skin Care 250.590.5459


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