4 Reasons Your Skin May Be Unhappy.

Bloggers, social media and advertisers are constantly feeding us suggestions about new products to add to our routines. We often take these recommendations without really considering what we are doing to, or putting on our skin. Often some well intentioned bad advice is at the root of our skin issues.

Here are 4 common reasons your skin may be misbehaving and giving you grief.

1. Too much scrubbing

Be gentle! Aggressive scrubbing or rubbing can be very damaging to the skin. It's ok to use a washcloth (change it often) or a cleansing brush, but a soft touch will keep your skin from becoming inflamed or even developing broken capillaries.

over scrubbing skin is bad

2. Granular exfoliants

For many skin types, a granular exfoliant is simply too harsh. Plus, many types of granules can actual cause micro-scratches which allow bacteria to penetrate into the skin leading to breakouts and inflammation.  Coffee grounds / salt / apricot or walnut shell based products are a definite no-no.

over exfoliating the skin. coffee grounds

3. Over exfoliation

With so many products in the average beauty routine, do you really know what you're putting on your skin? If your cleanser, serum and anti-aging cream all contain acids and, perhaps even Retinol, your skin will be traumatized from all the excessive exfoliating. We recommend a separate designated exfoliating product, such as a gentle home use peel performed generally 1 or 2 times per week. 

over exfoliating skin with too many products

4. Makeup Wipes

Although they are convenient, they really aren't suited to a thorough skin cleansing and allow oils, dirt and debris to build up which leads us back to breakouts and blackheads. Save these for removing lip product or eye makeup. Plus, they often contain a variety of unwanted chemicals and aren't environmentally friendly.

facial wipes and makeup wipes bad for skin?

Some signs and symptoms you may be overdoing it?

  • That excessively shiny smooth complexion may be an indication that you've removed the skins protective barrier.
  • If you have an already oily skin type, oil production can go into overdrive after excessive exfoliation making things even oilier.
  • inflamed, sensitized skin.
  • blemish flare ups and breakouts.
  • signs of premature aging, dehydration, skin flakiness.
  • development of broken capillaries.

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