5 Things To Do Before Your Laser Hair Removal Treatment.

5 things to do before your laser hair removal treatment in Victoria bc

Laser hair removal has gained immense popularity as a long-lasting solution for unwanted hair. Before you embark on your journey to silky-smooth skin, there are essential steps you need to take to ensure a safe and effective treatment. Lets explore five important things to do before your laser hair removal session, addressing common concerns and ensuring the best results.

1. Should I Shave for Laser?

Before your laser hair removal treatment, it's crucial to shave the treatment area. Contrary to popular belief, you should not arrive at the clinic with long, visible hairs. The laser works by targeting the pigment (melanin) in the hair follicles beneath the skin's surface. If the hair is too long, it can singe on the surface, leading to discomfort and reduced effectiveness (and a smoky treatment room). Properly shaving before laser hair removal ensure better results as the laser energy will be focused exclusively on the hair follicle. 

2. Stop Plucking and Waxing

In the weeks leading up to your laser session, avoid plucking or waxing the target area. These methods remove the hair from the root, making it impossible for the laser to target the hair follicle. Shaving, as mentioned earlier, is the preferred method for hair removal in the lead-up to your treatment. Plucking and waxing will interfere with the laser hair removal process.

3. Avoid Sun Exposure

Excessive sun exposure can be detrimental to your laser hair removal treatment. UV rays can make your skin more sensitive and increase the risk of complications such as burns or hyperpigmentation. For optimal results and safety, it's essential to avoid sun exposure, including tanning beds and self-tanners, for at least six weeks before your session. We recommend waiting if you have a sunburn or suntan.

4. Can Medication Interfere With Laser Hair Removal?

Certain medications can make your skin more sensitive to the laser, potentially leading to discomfort or adverse effects. Before your appointment, consult with your laser technician to discuss any medications you're taking. They can advise you on whether to temporarily discontinue usage or adjust your treatment plan. The more common medications would be Accutane, Antibiotics or Anti-fungals.

5. Remove Makeup and Skincare Products

On the day of your laser hair removal treatment, it's essential to arrive with clean, makeup-free skin. Avoid applying lotions, creams, or any skincare products to the treatment area. These products can create a barrier, reducing the effectiveness of the laser and increasing the risk of side effects. Retinol is a definite no no prior to treatment.

Preparing for your laser hair removal treatment is just as important as the procedure itself. By following these five essential steps, you'll maximize the effectiveness of your treatment while minimizing the risk of adverse effects. Remember, consult with a licensed and experienced practitioner for personalized guidance on your laser hair removal journey.

Laser hair removal can be a life-changing experience, offering a long-term solution to unwanted hair. By taking these precautions, you'll be well on your way to achieving the smooth, hair-free skin you desire. So, shave, avoid sun, and consult with your healthcare provider—your path to hair-free confidence starts here.

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