Sun Damage and Brown Spots? Hello to an even complexion.

A warm summer sun can be enticing. For some the beach calls, for others gardening, but with increased outdoor activities comes the corresponding exposure to UV rays. The end result over time is an uneven complexion due to sun damage with the resulting brown spots and pigmentation irregularities.

Brown spots and sun damage leave skin looking chronologically older, with a blotchy and uneven skin complexion. Brown spots and sun damage can develop on any area of the body exposed to UV, including hands, neck, chest and face.

Fall and winter can be a great time to take care of brown spots and sun damage from the previous summer, and almost any area can be treated.

brown spots and sun damage victoria bc

Fortunately, sun damage and brown spots can be treated safely and non-invasively using Intense Pulsed Light (IPL). By targeting the pigment producing cells, brown spots and sun damage can be targeted and eliminated, leaving the skin complexion smoother and younger looking.

  • Brown spots give skin an aged appearance...luckily we can remove them.

At Glow Luxe Skin Care, we love helping clients achieve their skin care goals. For a complimentary consultation to find out how we can help turn back the clock on sun damage and reduce future pigmentation, call 250.590.5459

Fortunately, sun damage and brown spots are easy to treat, safely and non-invasively using IPulsed Light (IPL). When the correct wavelength of energy is used, brown spots are eliminated and sun damage reduced, leaving skin smooth, even and younger looking

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