On trend...Are you accidentally aging your skin?

Skin barrier function. Keeping it properly intact is super important for healthy, happy skin that defies the ravages of time. And yet, many people are unknowingly removing the only protection between their skin and the things that mean their complexion harm.

are you over exfoliating your skin?

Over exfoliation is common, and many people aren't even aware it is happening. This is a case of more isn't not better. Our skin has a natural barrier that keeps it safe from bacteria, environmental toxins and various diseases. When we over exfoliate and stress our skin, it becomes open to attack and damage from these different sources, resulting in blemishes, inflamed rosacea and increased sensitivity. You may have already heard that inflammation is associated with premature aging.

Most of us use multiple products in our daily skin care program, and chances are you'll find a combination of retinol, acids, abrasives, in more than one. Many people are also using an exfoliating cleansing brush on top of all that. We definitely believe in gently exfoliating our skin 2-3 times a week, but when we add too many exfoliants to the mix, the results can be disastrous for our skin. 

Signs you may be over exfoliating:

  • redness & inflammation
  • dehydration
  • flakiness
  • stinging or burning
  • itchiness 

It's a good idea to look through your products to ensure they do not contain excessive amounts of exfoliating ingredients. Of course, we also are believers in a gentle approach, so avoid granular, scratchy exfoliants on your facial area and instead choose an alpha hydroxy or enzyme based product. 

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