Cold Laser. The AntiAging Power Of Light.

What if you could look like you...only better?

Our industry often seems to promote the invasive types of skin care treatments, the ones that promise a benefit, but only after you've endured the discomfort and associated damage. What if you could turn back the clock without skin damage, without downtime or redness, and without altering your expression?

That's why we love the power of light.

Cold laser. the power of light. victoria

Light at specific wavelengths has been shown to have a beneficial effect on wrinkles, signs of aging, acne scars, and UV damage. Cold laser works by harnessing these specific wavelengths to create a biological reaction in the bodies cells (ATP production) resulting in a regenerative effect over time.

The mitochondria of a cell is considered it's power source. By stimulating the mitochondria to produce ATP, we ramp up our bodies ability to detoxify, rebuild, regenerate, reduce inflammation and produce collagen (our bodies own filler).

Our customized approach, and proprietary process maximizes the benefit and ensures your skin will look and feel its very best.  

The result?

  • calmer skin, reduced inflammation
  • reduction in wrinkles
  • improved skin quality
  • skin that behaves more youthfully
  • reduction in blemishes

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