Eat Your Vitamin C.

We all want a reduction in wrinkles and premature aging. We already know the benefits of using high quality skin care products on the outside, but what can we do on the inside to get our skin into glowing shape?

Eat your C and enough high quality protein to maximize collagen synthesis.

  • Don't skip isn't breakfast, a few pieces of lettuce isn't lunch.
  • Eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables
  • Be sure to consume enough protein (ideally from complete sources)

Not such a huge secret after all...

Collagen and vitamin c and protein for anti-aging

Collagen makes up a large portion of our skin, blood vessels and connective tissues but in order to maintain optimum levels of collagen, we need to have both vitamin c and the necessary amino acids (ideally found in complete protein sources) to create our bodies own elixir of youth. 

Certain amino acids cannot be synthesized by our bodies, and so it's important to ensure we are eating the right foods that will provide us with the things we need. If you are currently eating a diet that is low in complete protein sources from meats and fish, then it's extremely important to ensure you are eating a wide variety of fruits, vegetable and legumes, that together, will provide all the necessary amino acids to create complete protein chains.

  • Without the right tools, our bodies can't repair properly and skin ends up tired, dull, lacking volume & wrinkled.

Vitamin C is crucial in the formation of collagen, but the necessary amino acids MUST be available to complete the process.  

When our bodies produce plenty of collagen, we repair and reverse skin damage and signs of aging. Our bodies are amazing, and with the right building blocks we are our own fountains of youth.


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