Alpha Arbutin, the best brightening ingredient you've never heard of.

Alpha Arbutin. ways to lighten brown spots and sun damage. acne scars.

Next to acne and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation is one of the biggest skin issues across the board. Everyone wants an even, clear complexion!

Alpha Arbutin, is an under-the-radar brightener that you may never have heard of, but it delivers impressive results...a complexion brightening miracle worker. Essentially it works by stopping dark spots and pigmentation issues from forming in the first place.

Dark spots or pigmentation issues come in many forms, with a few different causes:

  • post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation from scars and acne
  • sun spots from UV damage
  • age spots from accumulated UV damage
  • melasma

What is it, and how does it work?

Alpha Arbutin is a natural lightening ingredient derived from plants such as bearberry, pear tree, and wheat, but it can also be made synthetically. It's a derivative of (its controversial relative) hydroquinone, and works by inhibiting tyrosinase, a key enzyme in the production of skin pigmentation. A huge upside to Alpha Arbutin is that it doesn't have the potential side effects of hydroquinone, such as ochronosis (blue discoloration) that can occur.

When your skin and these pigment producing cells come in contact with UV light, the tyrosinase enzyme is activated, but Alpha Arbutin blocks this effect. By inhibiting tyrosinase, it can lighten up dark spots and reduce the appearance of sun spots as well as prevent them from developing in the first place. Alpha Arbutin can be used regularly as a preventative step against acne scarring and age spots.

Because of how it works (it's not a bleaching agent) it can take eight to 12 weeks before you see an improvement in any hyper-pigmentation, or the effect that it's working. It's an excellent ingredient to support the results of the "quick" treatments such as IPL.

What are the benefits of an Alpha Arbutin based serum? 

  • Fade and inhibit sun/age spots
  • Reduce discolouration from acne scarring
  • Prevent new pigmentation from forming
  • Acne fighting
  • An even, uniform skin tone

If you're looking at adding the benefits of Alpha Arbutin, as well as other pigment fighting ingredients such as Kojic Acid and Azelaic Acid, in a potent and complete formulation, we invite you to explore Benir Pigment Correcting Booster serum. It's all about serious results!

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