Azelaic Acid. The super hero ingredient you'll want to get to know.

While the word "acid" may sound scary this is one of those acids that's friendly, and worth getting to know.

Azelaic Acid is an amazing multi-tasking ingredient that is still not well known among the skin care professionals and product formulators. Many simply don't know how to work with it. That's slowly changing as they start to discover the amazing benefits this ingredient offers. 

azelaic acid for skin care

Often derived from grains like barley, wheat or rye, the Azelaic Acid used in skin care formulations is often engineered in lab as it creates a compound that is more stable and has improved effectiveness. One feature of Azelaic Acid is that it's a tyrosinase inhibitor which means it inhibits the production of melanin. This results in a reduction in the appearance of sun damage and brown discolourations.

  • Fades post acne scarring
  • Refines the skin surface
  • Reduces fresh breakouts
  • Eliminates brown marks and sun damage
  • Keeps pores clear to reduce blackheads and milia
  • Reduces inflammation

Azelaic Acid also has the ability to target blemishes and is effective for treating mild to moderate acne, both the  comedonal and inflammatory varieties. It also helps remove the red discolouration that can remain from acne scarring.

Did me mention Azelaic Acid helps reduce skin sensitivity while refining the skins surface and evening out skin tone?

If you're experiencing acne, rosacea or pigmentation issues, Azelaic Acid should be on your radar and a part of a complete skin care routine. 


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