Botox alternatives? How about Syn-Ake?

Expressions are an important part of life, and we actually LOVE when our clients visit with big bright smiles on their faces. We also realize that for many people finding ways of minimizing expression lines is extremely important.

In the quest to reduce dynamic lines, injectable botox has gained in popularity. A little in the right spots can make a nice difference in the intensity of wrinkles due to expression or dynamic movement.

But what if you don't like needles? What if you're not a fan of having product injected directly into your body?

Luckily, you can get the benefits of a non-injectable neuropeptide, thanks to the topical compound Syn-Ake. 

Syn-Ake replicates the effects of temple viper venom, and works in a way similiar to botox by inhibiting the intensity of muscular contractions in order to keep skin from developing "etched" wrinkling. You can find Syn-Ake in the Vitae Infinity Super Serum.

The Benefits?

  • Reduction in wrinkle depth
  • A preventative measure to reduce new wrinkles
  • Great for the between brow 11's and crowsfeet
  • No "poker face" + no needles

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