Considering A PDO ThreadLift? Read This First.

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or possibly a very qualified dermatologist. Even then, side effects were noted to be as high as 69% and the FDA revoked clearance for the brand promoting the procedure. 

Now in 2024, we are seeing a new generation of nurses and practitioners promoting variations of the original threadlift. A 2019 study published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal suggests that the rate of complications could still be as high as 34%, with a variety of problematic side effects possible, including displacement, infection, and temporary dimpling."

If you must get a threadlift, we highly recommend having it performed only by a reputable plastic surgeon.

“It is still a surgical procedure,” Dr. Woffles Wu said, a plastic surgeon in Singapore and one of the pioneers of thread lifts.

“You could perforate a blood vessel, you could puncture a nerve. There are all kinds of complications that could happen,” he said, adding that thread lifts were originally intended only for plastic surgeons and very qualified dermatologists.

As quoted from the Toronto Star: "Complications could also include the threads causing the production of scar tissue inside the skin", said Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Jason Diamond. "Though the scar tissue will often go away with time, it may complicate matters if a patient later wants a facelift."

It’s the reason Diamond said he no longer performs PDO thread lifts.

“Make no mistake, if someone is in the market for a thread lift, they’re going to be in the market for a facelift in three, five or 10 years,” Diamond said. “They really are just creating issues with really not much in a way of benefit.”


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