Laser Hair Removal, Is Your Technician A Master Or A Novice?

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Are you shopping exclusively on price for your laser hair removal? While price may always be a consideration for some, if you want great results, focus on the technician. 

The result of laser hair removal treatments can depend on several factors, including the device being used and the skill level of the technician performing the procedure. Whether a doctor or a medical aesthetician, there is a steep learning curve in order to provide an optimal treatment. The price never plays a role in the treatment outcome.

Both the device and the technician play important roles in determining the effectiveness and safety of the treatment. 

  • Even a great device can provide lacklustre results in the hands of a poorly trained technician.
  • Canada has no licensing requirements for laser technicians. Many techs will start treating after a very short training period (even a single afternoon in some cases)
  • We've seen examples of "techs" that are undertrained and afraid of burning their clients, so they keep energy levels low. You also won't get a result.
  • Your laser tech should have completed a proper program with a focus on laser physics, skin anatomy, client consultation, treatment protocols, safety procedures, and post-treatment care.


Different laser hair removal devices utilize varying technologies and parameters. Most devices we see in Victoria are capable machines that can provide great results. Newer devices may also have improved features like adjustable wavelengths, cooling mechanisms, or different modes of operation. The only device we would avoid is an LHE based machine.

With the proliferation of laser devices (even being placed in nail salons), some companies include a "Melanin Reader," which can be helpful for an inexperienced technician as this may help them avoid burning the client. It doesn't help them customize treatment to maximize the clients result. A Melanin Reader can also result in the technician being overly dependent on its reading, and if they don't have their own "eye" for the treatment, a burn may still occur. 

Generally even a great device will provide underwhelming results in the hands of an unskilled provider. 

A skilled technician will be able to take advantage of adjustable parameters to get the most out of their device and maximize the result for a variety of clients. 

Technician Skill Level:

The expertise and experience of the technician administering the treatment significantly impact the results. A skilled and knowledgeable technician will understand how to calibrate the device settings based on individual characteristics such as skin type, hair color, and hair thickness. They will also have the ability to assess any potential risks or complications and tailor the treatment accordingly. Skillful technicians ensure that the laser hair removal device is used safely and effectively to achieve optimal results while minimizing adverse effects...nobody wants a burn. 

An experienced technician will also have a selection of "tricks" which can only be learned over time.

It is important to note that laser hair removal is generally recognized as a medical procedure, and the qualifications and expertise of the technician are crucial for a positive outcome. Therefore, when considering laser hair removal, it is recommended to choose a reputable clinic or facility with qualified professionals who have experience in performing the treatment. Additionally, a consultation with the technician prior to the procedure can help determine the suitability of the treatment for your specific needs and expectations.

Here's to hair free! Safely. Effectively.

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