Skincare. Sometimes less is more.

When you visit us at Glow Luxe, we are always interested in finding out more about the skin care program you may be using at home. We are often running into scenarios where people are using way too many products, and often the wrong ones for their particular skin type. Its not uncommon for a clients products to be the root of their skin issues, such as inflammation, or counter productive to the goals they are trying to achieve. It can also be problematic to determine what is causing the issue when there are so many different products and ingredients involved.

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Some things to avoid:

  • SPF in your skin care (We suggest a separate SPF product)
  • Synthetic fragrance and perfume
  • Parabens
  • Silicones
  • Useless fillers
  • Dyes and Artificial colouring

Less can be more...

We strongly believe, a few high-quality products and consistent application are key when it comes to skin care. It's important to know exactly what you are putting on your skin, and why you are doing it. If your products are well formulated, you'll only need a small number of items, and there's no need for separate day/night or eye products.

Become ingredient savvy...

The beauty industry is one of the most complicated industries to understand, full of indecipherable (and completely made up) ingredients and marketing designed to sell products you often don't need. Brands will create a product by taking a single "hero" ingredient and surrounding it with fillers. That's how they manipulate you to purchase dozens of different products to get the variety of active ingredients you'll need for any type of positive result. 

  •  Look for active ingredients concentrated at the top of the list. (Some peptides are effective in small amounts and will be further down)
  • Look for a generous number of beneficial ingredients, not just a single active surrounded by fillers and additives.

We always want products that are full of a variety of active ingredients, which allows us to recommend fewer products for superior results.

Keeping it simple is almost always best!


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