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When You Drink Collagen, Does It Become Collagen In The Skin?

when you drink collagen, does it become collagen in the skin? Victoria BC

Have you ever wondered about the fate of collagen once it's ingested? Is there truth to the hype?

Supercharge your skin Collagen.

collagen for beautiful skin, Victoria BC

Healthy Collagen is a must for anyone wanting to age well. Here are 3 simple things that influence collagen production and 3 things that reduce or damage collagen.

Do Collagen Supplements Actually Create Collagen In The Skin?

do collagen supplements actually do anything for the skin? Victoria BC Vancouver BC

We've been seeing plenty of articles promoting the benefits of ingestible collagen. Whether you like your collagen in a capsule or prefer a drinkable powder, the question is...does it do anything for your skin?

Introducing Vitae Skin Renewal with vegan bee venom

vitae anti-aging cream with vegan bee venom

Are you serious about aging well?

Combining a powerful mix of anti-agers, peptides, anti-inflammatories and anti-oxidants with their own unique take on vegan bee venom, this latest launch from Benir checks all the boxes. 

Do collagen supplements or creams really improve skin quality?

There's definitely no shortage of marketing proclaiming the benefits of ingesting collagen drinks as well as the application of collagen creams. The question is, do these products actually do anything for your skin? 

collagen supplements victoria bc

Matrixyl 3000® A Hero ingredient for skin care success

Collagen. Our bodies own natural "filler" is responsible for that gorgeous under skin volume that plumps out our complexions keeping wrinkles at bay. Healthy collagen levels are absolutely necessary to maintain skin suppleness and a smooth appearance. New research shows that Matrixyl 3000® also fights aging...

stimulate collagen production, reduce wrinkles, antiaging victoria bc