The Perfect Skin Treatment At Home.

LED photo-rejuvenation treatment at home. Skin care at home. Cold Laser at home.

Times have changed at least for now, with many mature clients  or those will pre-existing health concerns leaning toward the comfort and safety of home, and avoiding the contact of clinical treatments. Even so, setting aside time for self care and a little skin pampering goes a long way in helping one look and feel their best, even if we can't be there to work with you personally. Did we mention we can't wait for the day we will see you all again?

In the meantime, we have the perfect option, for the perfect COVID era home skin care treatment! 

LED photo-rejuvenation is an amazing way to safely and gently treat a variety of skin related issues. We are strong believers in the effectiveness and the results that LED light offers to a wide range of clients. At Glow Luxe we have been working with LED light for over 18 years, and experienced first hand the benefits to a variety of skin types and skin concerns.

Two common LED wavelengths are Red and Blue. Red light in the correct wavelength stimulates the fibroblasts and, encourages the production of skin plumping collagen. Red light is an anti-aging superstar and keeps skin looking healthy and refreshed, while also reducing inflammation. Blue light is a go-to for anyone suffering from acne or blemishes, and destroys the P. Acnes bacteria responsible for inflaming the pores. The Unicorn mask allows us to select from 7 different wavelengths of light, so we can really customized our at-home treatment!

Why settle for a hand held LED wand? Our LED mask covers the entire facial area, so you get a complete and uniform treatment with optimum levels of LED exposure to achieve the desired result.

The Unicorn mask is a great option to fill the void between clinical treatments,  whether due to business travel, holiday or pandemic...and you can use it as often as you like! 

Do you have questions about our Unicorn mask and how it fits into your home program? Call 250.590.5459 or email, we are always happy to help!

For a limited time, when you purchase your Unicorn Led Cold Laser mask, you'll save $25 (taken automatically at checkout)

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