Over-exfoliation. Here's what you need to know.


over-exfoliating can damage the skin. Are you over-exfoliating your skin? Victoria BC 

Some Dermatologists and Medical Aestheticians recommend a daily (facial) exfoliation. We generally disagree. Most people will simply over-exfoliate and damage their skin's protective barrier function. A damaged skin barrier opens the skin to bacteria, fungus and environmental attacks. Then you'll also need to purchase products that replace your skin barrier.

If you must exfoliate daily, it's crucial to use an extremely gentle enzyme; even then, it’s not for everyone.

Sometimes you may be exfoliating and not even know it. Many products contain acids or retinol, and if you're not reading your labels, you may be unaware you're over-exfoliating. 

And, of course....never use walnut shells or other abrasive products on your skin. These will result in micro-scratches and barrier damage. Acne / fungal acne and inflammation, anyone?

Here are few reasons people feel they need to exfoliate daily…

☺︎ Your skin will be extremely clean. (Ok, but you’ve probably scrubbed away your skin's protective barrier.)
☺︎ Your pores may appear smaller. (If you’ve used a gentle acid/enzyme)
☺︎ Your skin will glow! (Until problems arise from a damaged barrier)
☺︎ You may be able to reduce discolouration. (See next section)

The downside of daily exfoliation….

☹︎ You may experience breakouts (the barrier is compromised, allowing bacterial attack)
☹︎ You may wrinkle more (dry skin is wrinkly skin)
☹︎ You could spread infection around the skin (herpes, p.acnes, etc, spread easily when the skin barrier is damaged)
☹︎ Your skin may become dry
☹︎ Your skin may become sensitized
☹︎ A damaged barrier leaves your skin open to sun damage (So remind us again how you're exfoliating away all the discolouration?)
☹︎ Could worsen your acne
☹︎ May damage the skin barrier function

☞ We don’t recommend using physical exfoliants (skin scrubs) daily, and definitely stay away from abrasives like walnut shells which leave tiny micro-scratches on the skin.

☞ We do recommend using a gentle acid or enzyme-based exfoliant 2-3 times a week, which is suitable for MOST people.


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