To extract or not to extract

We've seen the results of poorly done or overly aggressive extractions...and it's never pretty.

If you're constantly experiencing congestion in your skin, its important to ask why. Generally, your home routine needs to be adjusted as it's not working to keep your skin bright and clear.

What exactly are extractions?

An extraction refers to the process of clearing out debris and obstructions from clogged pores, often known as blackheads or whiteheads. These obstructions are generally caused by a buildup of oils within the pore, or the accumulation of bacteria which leads to inflammation.  

Extracting blackheads, pimples and whiteheads. Is it necessary?

Why are extractions performed?

If you have congestion in your skin and visible comedones, a skin professional will attempt an extraction in order to clear the pore and eliminate the blemish or "pustule". 

Are there any side effects or problems associated with extractions?

It makes us sad when someone visits the office with inflamed, angry skin due to overly aggressive or poorly performed extractions (because it makes you feel unattractive or visibly upset). It happens far too often. In reality, any redness shouldn't persist more than 24 hours, and when done incorrectly extractions may lead to:

  • scars (pitted or red marks)
  • inflammation
  • breakouts
  • broken capillaries

So, always know who you are working with. Experienced aestheticians will not attempt an extraction if the blemish is inflamed/infected or buried deeply under the skins surface as this can make the situation worse.

Are extractions necessary? 

If you're using ingredients (such as coconut oil) or products that are comedogenic or "pore clogging", or you are not in the habit of cleansing/exfoliating to remove debris, then you will always fight an ongoing battle with skin congestion. 

Although we are very capable of performing extractions, our preference is to have you using the correct products at home to keep the clogs from happening in the first place.

  • always remove makeup before bed
  • exfoliate 1-2 times per week
  • cleanse skin at least before bed, to remove the daily buildup of grime
  • use products that do not create congestion in the skin

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