Vitamin C? Retinol? Time to rethink your skin care.

A human skin renewal study that compared the skins production of collagen after using creams containing copper peptides, vitamin C, or retinoic acid (retinol) for one month, found that the copper peptides had the most significant effect on collagen production. In fact, the outcome showed a noticeably positive improvement to collagen in 70% of the copper peptide group versus 50% with vitamin C, and about 40% with the retinoic acid.

copper peptide, retinol, vitamin C in antiaging victoria bc 

When we are young, our skin is full of volume enhancing, tissue strengthening collagen. Our bodies also repair themselves at an optimum level. As we age, collagen starts to break down without being replaced as quickly, and our rate of tissue repair is reduced significantly leading to wrinkles, loss of volume, looseness to the skin and reduced hydration. Damaged proteins may also build up due to oxidation, sun damage and scarring. All of these contribute to a more aged appearance.   

A study in 2002 showed after 30 days, those using copper peptides experienced a reduction in visible signs of aging, while improving the overall elasticity, density and thickness of treated skin. It also reaffirmed the role of copper peptides as one of the most potent skin regeneratives.

  • Tightens loose skin and improves elasticity
  • Improves skin firmness
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduces photodamage and hyperpigmentation

Another study on the eye area showed  a significant result in treating fine lines and wrinkles. And when put against a Vitamin K cream, performed significantly better. 

And as if this isn't enough, studies also have shown a reduction in scaring, stretch marks and age spots after continued use.

If you would like to add the regenerative benefits of saccaromyces / copper ferment (cu-complex) to your skin care program, we highly recommend the Benir Beauty serum and cream products below. 


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