Elevare instructions

Introducing The Benir Elevare

Thank-you for choosing the Benir Elevare at-home skin treatment device. The Elevare micro-current lifting and LED device is designed to achieve a multipurpose effect in the treatment of wrinkles and skin laxity. Gentle micro-currents combine with RF, electroporation and LED photo-rejuvenation to create a 4 level approach in reducing signs of aging, firming skin and repairing cellular damage.

The Benir Elevare is also an excellent choice for use with your favourite skin care products, as it encourages penetration into the skin to maximize the benefits.



Gentle electrical currents stimulate the facial support structure, firming the muscles and creating lift in areas of skin laxity and sag. Excellent for treating the brows, jawline and upper neck.


Excellent for encouraging optimum penetration of the active ingredients in skin care products. Capable of pushing product and larger molecule ingredients deeply into the skin, without the use of needles.

RF (Radio Frequency)

Electrical high frequency current stimulates the production of new collagen by gently heating the deeper skin tissues, resulting in a reduction in wrinkle depth and lessening of signs of aging.

LED (Photo-rejuvenation)

Developed by Nasa, LEDs work to increase collagen production to reduce wrinkles and inflammation, while encouraging tissue repair, minimizing signs of aging. By using a combination of Red / Blue / Yellow light, the Elevare device can treat a variety of concerns, including acne breakouts and pigmentation.


For best result use 2-3 times a week. Apply your favourite serum or cream before beginning treatment to increase conductivity. We recommend applying product to the area immediately before treatment. Example: Apply a small amount of serum to the left eye area and then treat. Repeat with the right eye area.

To Use: Press the POWER button (*1). The Benir Elevare Red LED will light and the display panel (*2) will show the current intensity indicator at level 1. (1 bar).  

Adjust the current intensity using the POWER button (*1). Select 1-5 depending on personal preference, with 1 the lowest strength and 5 the highest. We suggest starting with power level 1 or 2. As you become familiar with the device you may want to experiment with intensity levels.

Place the Benir Elevare treatment head onto the surface of the skin, ensuring all 4 metal contacts are touching the skin. Slowly move the device around on the area to be treated, often an upward motion is helpful. It is normal to feel some warmth on higher settings. For spot treatment, hold in place for 1 min then move to the next placement. The Elevare will automatically shut off after 10 minutes of use.


The Benir Elevare comes with 6 different settings for photo-rejuvenation that can be used in unison with the micro-current lifting.

To select: Use the LED SEL button (*3) to change the colour of the light. (Press 7 times to turn the LEDs off)

home treatment wand with RF, micro current, led light, electroporation

The device powers up and initially displays the RED LED light (wavelength 620nm)

  • Press the LED SEL button once for GREEN (700nm)
  • Twice for BLUE (415nm)
  • 3 times for YELLOW (590nm)
  • 4 times for PINK (700nm)
  • 5 times for flashing PINK (700nm)
  • 6th time turns the LED off

We recommend using one of either RED or BLUE primarily, depending on whether you focus is anti-aging of acne blemishes.


Your Benir Elevare should arrive fully charged. When the initial charge is depleted, place the treatment handle in it's cradle and plug the USB cord into any electronic device that will accept the connection, such as a home computer and most phone chargers. Allow to fully charge for a minimum of 4 hours, or until the indictor light goes out, showing the charging cycle has finished.

To charge: Insert the adaptor into the charging jack and connect the power cord to any USB port, such as those on a computer or phone charger (if compatible). The charging indicator light will turn on while the device is charging and will turn off once the device is fully charged


  • Do not use this device if you are pregnant or have been diagnosed with heart disease, hypertension or have implanted devices such as a pacemaker. 
  • Do not use if prone to seizure due to flashing light. Avoid usage on broken skin or on areas displaying possible skin disease or cancer.
  • Do not use directly over the eye or eyelid or gaze directly into the light
  • Only use this device for it's intended purpose as described in this manual
  • Do not use this device in areas of high humidity or while in the shower or bath. The Elevare is not waterproof and should not be kept in areas where it could become submerged in water.
  • Do not drop or use this device in a rough manner. Do not use charger if cord is frayed or damaged, in order to avoid the chance of fire or personal injury.
  • Discontinue use if the device becomes unusually hot

Keep out of reach of children.

Benefits Of Each Colour LED Light

RED: Stimulates the production of collagen (our bodies own filler) to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Soothes inflammation and encourages healing to promote skin elasticity and firmness.

BLUE: Destroys the P.acnes bacteria, reducing inflammation and bacterial induced breakouts.

YELLOW / PINK: Soothes inflammation and incourages an evening out of skin tone irregularities. Speeds skins healing process. Penetrates deeply into the skin to stimulate collagen production.

Warranty Information

We are pleased to offer a one (1) year warranty on your Elevare device, covering any problems that may arise from normal everyday usage. Call 1.877.723.4529 if you feel your device is not working properly. Proof of date of purchase must be provided to ensure your Elevare falls within the acceptable warranty date.

Note: This warranty does not cover deliberate or accidental damage that may occur from misuse or neglect, nor is it transferrable should you sell the device. Warranty is only valid for devices purchased through an authorized dealer.

Technical Information

Input Voltage: DC5V 500mA

Output Voltage: DC5V

Current: 1000mA

Power: 10W

Charging time: approximately 3.5 hours

Unit size: 45 / 46 / 165mm

Unit weight: 93g