Why Laser Hair Removal?

Are you wondering whether laser hair removal is right for you?

Are you tired of "the pricklies?"

Are you tired of ingrown hair? painful waxing? nicks and cuts from shaving? If you answered yes, then its definitely for you!

There are many ways to remove body and facial hair, but most offer either a temporary result, are very painful, or require a very long and slow process. Our laser hair removal is FAST, offers PERMANENT hair reduction, and it's also COMFORTABLE.

  • Why worry about razor burns or irritating sensitive skin?

People with sensitive skin can really benefit from laser treatment as it won't irritate skin, and there's no chance of accidental shaving cuts.

laser hair removal victoria bc

  • Painful ingrown hair is a thing of the past.

If you're prone to experiencing ingrown hair, laser hair removal is ideal as it eliminates current ingrown hair and prevents new ones from occurring.

  • Starved for time?

Laser hair removal simplifies your personal grooming by reducing the amount of time spend shaving, waxing and plucking. Plus, it's a much faster process than other treatments such as electrolysis. That's more time for things you actually love to do!

  • Save money!

Although it may cost more upfront, over the years you'll save plenty of money on waxing and shaving supplies.

  • No abrasive, rough stubble regrowth

Silky smooth skin, that's a pleasure to touch and won't destroy your sweaters or collars or cause abrasion to your partner.


We have some of the best pricing in Victoria and have treated thousands of clients. Sound interesting? Why not find out more? Call us at 250.590.5459 for a complimentary consultation. Lets see if you're a good candidate for Laser Hair Removal.