Home skin care, sanity, and a sense of well being.

Skin clinics are closed across the globe (Along with hair salons, but that's a whole other problem which a good hat covers for the moment). Social distancing, for now, is a way of life.

The expertise, presence and touch of our favourite skin specialists, goes a long way toward keeping us sane, feeling cared for and, improving our self image. Most people even look forward to their visits, as it's often an important social outlet as well.

caring for our skin and ourselves during coronavirus outbreak

Routines, in times of uncertainty, are super important for maintaining an element of normalcy. But suddenly with our daily lives interrupted, we may not even know what day it is. Our regular routines can get left behind and forgotten.

My home skin care program provides an element of familiarity and consistency to keep me grounded. It's familiar and helps manage stress and anxiety. It's a reminder that our current situation is only temporary and life will continue. We can't escape the problems life throws at us, but we can certainly press pause for a welcome recharge. It's about feeling good, more than looking good.

When we are chronically stressed, our cortisol levels spike, which can lead to inflammation, and the premature destruction of skin plumping collagen. That's a fast track to aging poorly. Inflammation can also exacerbate acne, rosacea and exzema. We may be sleeping poorly as well, which can show up in our skins appearance. Anything we can do to keep ourselves balanced and relaxed, is ultimately good for our health and sense of well being.

I keep my personal routine simple, and incorporate both the Benir Elevare treatment wand and Benir Unicorn Cold Laser Mask into my program to provide an element of clinical treatment, but from home. 

Here's what my program looks like...

It's an uncertain time. Changes are ocurring at an unprecedented rate, that many of us have never experienced. Anxiety and stress are running high and, information seems to be coming at us faster than we can possibly process.

It's important to take some time for ourselves. Time to better ourselves and create a healthy environment for our bodies, minds and skin. Take that time. We will get through. 



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