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Gorgeous skin requires great skin care products. With an endless number of choices available, and an overwhelming availability of information, it has never been more difficult to select skin care products for your unique skin care concerns. But, it really shouldn't be so complicated.  

At Glow Luxe Skin Care we know you want products that not only feel great on the skin, but provide noticeable results...and without compromising your health. For this reason we look for products that contain high levels of quality bio available ingredients, in levels concentrated enough to make a difference.  

Here's a few of our thoughts on choosing the right products for healthy skin that glows happy!  

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Amazing Benir testimonial from Kristin Booth

We are so pleased to be carrying the Benir BV-9 Platinum cream and serum with bee venom, especially after this amazing testimonial by Kristin Booth. (Orphan Black, Signed Sealed Delivered, The Kennedy's)

Kristin Booth Signed Sealed Delivered, Orphan Black, The Kennedy's Benir Beauty

Skin care treatments on the go.

Life can sometimes get in the way, making it difficult to keep our skin care appointments. If you're a traveller, you may find yourself far away from your favourite treatments for extended periods of time. Or maybe you're wishing you could have your professional skin care treatment as often as you would like, from the comfort of home? Now you can!

Elevare skin care home treatment device cold laser and micro current and Radio frequency

Eat Your Vitamin C.

We all want a reduction in wrinkles and premature aging. We already know the benefits of using high quality skin care products on the outside, but what can we do on the inside to get our skin into glowing shape?

vitamin c and protein for anti-aging and skin

Cold Laser. The AntiAging Power Of Light.

What if you could look like you...only better?

What if you could turn back the clock without skin damage, without downtime or redness, and without altering your expression?

cold laser. the power of light.

On trend...Are you accidentally aging your skin?

Skin barrier function. Keeping it properly intact is super important for healthy, happy skin that defies the ravages of time. And yet, many people are unknowingly removing the only protection between their skin and the things that mean their complexion harm.

are you over exfoliating your skin? 

The secret your skin care cream isn't telling you.

You've finally decided to try out the latest, greatest miracle cream that's been getting rave reviews from beauty editors and "in the know" influencers on social media. You've heard all the stories about how smoothly the product applies, and seems to miraculously reduce signs of aging while providing instant hydration...what's not to like? Sometimes things are not what they seem.

the secret your skin care cream isn't telling you.

Can drinking collagen really improve skin?

We've been seeing plenty of articles lately touting the benefits of ingestible collagen. Whether you like your collagen in a capsule or prefer a drinkable powder, the question is...does it actually do anything for your skin?

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3 Reasons we avoid mineral oil in skin care.

We have a very high expectation of what a skin care product should contain, and our standard is even higher for prestige products and cosmeceuticals. For that reason, we avoid the use of mineral oil and mineral oil variations. Here are 3 great reasons to avoid high end products containing mineral oil.

avoiding mineral oil in skin care

Dull, tired looking skin? Acids & enzymes are a great way to brighten up!

For some people the thought of putting acids on their skin sounds like something out of a scary movie. In reality, the application of acids or enzymes can be extremely beneficial for skin. Acids and enzymes are fantastic options for treating acne, skin congestion (black heads), dull complexion, signs of aging, and uneven skin tone. And the great thing is, no downtime is required. 

acid and enzyme peels to resurface skin

Laser Hair Removal for Men in Victoria

Laser hair removal isn't just for women.

Whether you're covered in hair from head to toe, or have a little extra somewhere you don't want it, laser hair removal is a fantastic way for men in Victoria to get excess body hair under control, without the hassle of regular shaving or the pain of waxing.