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All About Acne. The why and what to do about it.

What processes can cause or contribute to acne? Here's how to figure things out & what to do about it!

acne causes and acne treatments. Victoria BC

Azelaic Acid. The super hero ingredient you'll want to get to know.

While the word "acid" may sound scary this is one of those acids that's friendly, and worth getting to know.

Azelaic Acid is an amazing multi-tasking ingredient that is still not well known among the skin care professionals and product formulators. Many simply don't know how to work with it. That's slowly changing as they start to discover the amazing benefits this ingredient offers. 

azelaic acid in skin care

To extract or not to extract

We've seen the results of poorly done or overly aggressive extractions...and it's never pretty...

clogged pores and blackheads


Some Acids Are Friendly...and amazingly helpful.

The word "acid" can be scary for some. Did you know that some acids are very skin friendly? Here's one that isn't super well known, but offers an amazing benefit for a variety of concerns. In our minds this ones a must and it comes highly recommended.

azelaic acid treats brown and red spots, acne and rosacea

Pregnant, healthy & gorgeous. Treating Acne & Melasma

Ah the radiant glow of an expectant mother! What could be more beautiful? Unfortunately for many women the hormonal and physical changes that occur during pregnancy can cause frustrating and confusing changes in their skin. Conditions such as chloasma, the “mask of pregnancy” and acne can not only be a source of distress but left untreated they can continue long after your child is born....

pregnancy and skin care. Victoria bc