Elevare Micro-Current Lifting + LED Photo-Rejuvenation (Cold Laser) Device

Elevare Micro-Current Lifting + LED Photo-Rejuvenation (Cold Laser) Device

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Now you can treat multiple signs of aging from the comfort of home, with the Elevare micro-current lifting + LED photo-rejuvenation (cold laser) device. A great way to continue the benefit of in clinic treatments to maximize results between visits. Includes a blue light setting for eliminating acne causing bacteria.

  • Reduce the appearance of wrinkles with microcurrent and red LED light
  • Blue light treats pimples and breakouts
  • Promote skin firmness and elasticity with RF.
  • Increase the penetration of active skin care ingredients for better results.
  • Great for in-between clinical treatments.
  • Perfect for travellers who want a treatment on the go.

What it does

The Elevare uses a multidimensional approach to skin aging by utilizing micro-current, electroporation, radio frequency and LED photo-rejuvenation.  Quad-lift 4 in 1 technology diminishes signs of aging, firms skin and stimulates collagen production for a noticeable reduction in the appearance of aging. An excellent choice for use with your favourite skin care products as the Elevare creates the perfect conditions for increased penetration of active ingredients. 

How it works

  • Micro-current  

Gentle electrical currents stimulate the facial support structure, firming the muscles and creating lift in areas of skin laxity and sag. Excellent for treating the brows, jawline and upper neck.

  • Meso / Electroporation

Opens the skin to allow optimum penetration of the active ingredients in your favourite skin care serum. Capable of pushing larger molecule ingredients deeply into the skin, without the use of needles.

  • RF (Radio Frequency)

Electrical high frequency current stimulates the production of new collagen by gently heating the deeper skin tissues, resulting in a reduction in wrinkle depth.

  • LED (Photo-rejuvenation) 

Developed by Nasa, LED's work with our bodies own healing processes to increase collagen production and encourage tissue repair to reduce signs of aging. By using a combination of red, blue, yellow + pink light, the Elevare can treat a variety of concerns, including acne breakouts.

How to use

Use 2-3 times a week for a maximum of 15 minutes. For best result, apply an anti-aging serum to the skin before treatment, focusing on areas showing signs of aging.