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Azelaic Acid. The super hero ingredient you'll want to get to know.

While the word "acid" may sound scary this is one of those acids that's friendly, and worth getting to know.

Azelaic Acid is an amazing multi-tasking ingredient that is still not well known among the skin care professionals and product formulators. Many simply don't know how to work with it. That's slowly changing as they start to discover the amazing benefits this ingredient offers. 

azelaic acid in skin care

Do collagen supplements or creams really improve skin quality?

There's definitely no shortage of marketing proclaiming the benefits of ingesting collagen drinks as well as the application of collagen creams. The question is, do these products actually do anything for your skin? 

collagen supplements victoria bc

What's in your skincare? Cosmetic companies don't want you to know.

Without a background in cosmetic chemistry you would have a difficult time getting past the marketing and, understanding what you're really buying. Here's what we found....


Should you choose organic or synthetic ingredients in your skin care?

Does it really matter whether your skin care ingredients are organic compounds, or lab created synthetics?

best skin care ingredients synthetic or organic

So you want skin that's glowing? Here's how.

Wow, did you just get back from vacation? You look so rested and energized!

Who doesn't love to hear that? When our skin is at its best, people notice. Unfortunately, when it's at its worst they also notice. And of course, we want to feel our best and confident in our reflection....

habits for healthy skin

Hyaluronic Acid. Back On The Beauty Editors Radar.

Even though it's been around for a long time, Hyaluronic Acid seems to be back on the beauty editors radar...and for good reason!

Hyaluronic ACID may sound a little scary, after all, it has the word ACID in it...

hyaluronic acid the beauty editors choice 

To extract or not to extract

We've seen the results of poorly done or overly aggressive extractions...and it's never pretty...

clogged pores and blackheads


Skincare. Sometimes less is more.

When you visit us at Glow Luxe, we are always interested in finding out more about the skin care program you may be using at home. We are often running into scenarios where people are using way too many products, and often the wrong ones for their particular skin type. Its not uncommon for a clients products to be the root of their skin issues, such as...

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5 things you should never do to your skin.

You would be surprised at some of the things people do to their skin, and we have seen it all. Here's a few of the more common habits that are not doing your skin any favours. Stop these and you're on the right track to aging well and keeping skin healthy and happy!

5 things you shouldn't do to your skin

So you want to age well? Lets talk Collagen.

Did you know approximately 75-80% of your skin is comprised of collagen? Healthy collagen keeps skin elastic and firm, plump and full, preserving that youthful appearance we all crave. Here are 3 things that help with collagen creation...

collagen for skin Victoria bc

3 foods for glowing skin

When it comes to healthy foods the options are endless. What are 3 foods that not only provide a boost to skin but are also super easy to add to meals or grab on the go? These 3 are worthy for any healthy skin list.

3 foods that are good for healthy skin

One thing you should never do to your skin.

We were recently watching online videos by various beauty and skin care influencers, who were showcasing application of their favourites skin care products...

skin care products and how to apply properly, don't stretch your skin.