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The Power Of Adaptogens - Chaga And Reishi In Skincare.

Beauty Trends 2024 adaptogens in skincare. Reishi and Chaga skincare

Adaptogens, a category of herbs and fungi, have long been revered for their ability to help the body adapt to stressors, both internal and external. In skincare, these botanical wonders are gaining popularity for their potential to address a myriad of skin concerns, from inflammation to premature aging.

Beauty Exposed: The Problem With Some Popular Skincare Ingredients

Skincare Victoria BC. Coconut oil, mineral oil, silicones in skincare. Acne and rosacea

When you visit us at Glow Luxe, there's a high probability we'll take a closer look at your skincare choices. Especially if you're having issues with acne or inflammation. Here's a list of a few ingredients (though not complete) that may not be the best choice for most skin types.

Busting The Top 3 Skincare Myths.

Top 3 skincare myths busted Victoria BC

In the quest for flawless skin, we often find ourselves surrounded by a sea of skincare products, each claiming to be the ultimate solution. One persistent myth that lingers in the beauty industry is the belief that...

The Power of Synergy in Skincare

organic vs synthetic antiaging skincare

Are you adamant your skincare contain only organic ingredients? Maybe you're on the other side and love the precision of cutting-edge synthetic compounds. What if the secret to unlocking the true potential of anti-aging skincare lies in harmonizing

The Amazing Benefits of Copper Peptides in Skincare

 collagen peptides for collagen production and antiaging

You'll often hear us touting the benefits of copper peptides. Collagen synthesis is the "holy grail" of aging well, and this ingredients check all the boxes.

Is It Really A Blackhead?

 blackhead or sebaceous filament?

We often find clients are confused between two common skin issues, sebaceous filaments and blackheads. While they might seem similar at first glance, they have distinct characteristics and require different approaches to treatment and management.

Tranexamic Acid: A Skincare Superhero.

Tranexamic acid for skin. Treat sun damage, melasma, dark eye circles, inflammation 

In the world of skincare, there's always a new ingredient that promises to revolutionize our beauty routines. Some ingredients are worth the hype and others can't possibly deliver the promised result.  One ingredient that's worth the hype, and has gained significant attention is tranexamic acid.

The Collagen Connection: AntiAging Effects of LED Red Light Therapy on Skin

the collagen connection: anti-aging effects of led red light therapy skin

Over 20 years ago, we realized the collagen stimulating effects of exposing the skin to the correct wavelength of LED light. The rest is history. We've been using this highly effective method for preventative aging ever since. Its safe, non-invasive, AND it works!

Do You Know What You're Putting On Your Skin?

powerful anti-aging skincare products for beautiful skin

Some of the best-known skincare products are surprisingly light on active ingredients once you get through their marketing stories. Benir Vitae Skin Renewal cream and Vitae Super serum have a transparent approach...remove the useless fillers and include more....

Red Dots on Your Skin? It Could Be Cherry Angiomas – Here's What You Should Know

treatment for cherry angiomas and capillaries in Victoria BC

Cherry angiomas are formed by the proliferation of blood vessels in the skin and are usually painless. Although the exact cause of cherry angiomas is not yet fully understood, it's believed that...

Dimethicone, The Great Skincare Pretender.

why we don't want dimethicone in our skincare products

It's a cheap filler that "gaslights" you into thinking your skin is smooth and hydrated. By coating the skin, dimethicone creates the illusion it is minimizing lines and wrinkles and hydrating the skin. In reality, it's...

Multitask Skincare

multitask skincare products Victoria BC

We love keeping our skincare routine simplified and on point. Taking proper care of our skin already requires commitment, so why make it even more time consuming? That's were multitasking skincare comes in!